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Mini Excavation & Dump Trailer Services

Serving Whistler, Pemberton and area, we offer residential and commercial mini excavation services as well as dump trailer hauling material on and off site.

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Mini Excavation

Prior to site excavation, Live Edge Ex takes all the necessary precautions to achieving a safe working environment. This involves mapping out all hazardous areas and making the appropriate calls to locate any underground utilities. Once a safety meeting is complete and utilities are located we begin your excavation project. 

We offer our services to home owners, home builders, developers, project managers and strata councils in the Whistler & Pemberton area.


Site Preparation

This may include removing any hazardous tree stumps, unwanted large boulders or overgrown areas. After preparing the grounds we can then work to achieve your new outdoor living space. Our mini-excavator allows us to access tight spaces with ease.


Drainage Services

One of the most common uses for excavation is to improve drainage around a building or around natural features such as hillsides. When soil is unstable or your lot is poorly graded, water can damage a building’s foundation, causing erosion, water leaks and structural damage. Excavation services can make quick work of adding drainage systems using perforated pipe outlets, french drains, or swales to redirect the water away to a suitable outlet.


General Excavation

We offer a wide variety of excavation services such as trail excavating and construction, site excavations for footings, foundations, basements, trenching, backfilling, pond/water features, vegetation management,  driveway repair, gardens and more.

Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer Hauling

Whether you need gravel, sand, soil, rocks, delivered to your property or material/garbage removed from your property our 14k rated 16' dump trailer can tackle almost any job.


Small Scale Demolition

Demolition services include asphalt/concrete driveways, paths, trails, pads, stairs, small buildings/structures, swimming pools and more.


Driveway Repair

Gravel driveways require frequent maintenance to avoid water running down them causing erosion and puddles from forming, we can fix that with a new surface and ditch line cleaning.